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  1. 3 Years ago Gt-Rider got me up to the Mae Hon Son loop, and thoroughly enjoyed my little adventure, including visiting the Karen tribe ppl, and Doi Inthanon.

    This time round, I hope to make it up to Laos, and Cambodia in July, hoping to make it to the following places
    1) Chiang Khong Border crossing (Hopefully my SG registered car can clear the customs)
    2) Boten border to just see how is it like there, but not crossing over to China
    3) Luang Namtha

    1,2 & 3 in 1 day, not sure if its feasible.

    4) Luang Prabang
    5) Plains of Jar
    6) Pakse

    4,5 & 6 in 1 Day, not sure if it is feasible.

    7) , Stung Treng (Hopefully my SG registered car can clear the customs)
    8) Ang Kor Wat Siem Reap

    7 & 8 in 1 day

    9) Phnom Penh ( 1 Day )
    10) Bokor Mountain ( 1 Day )
    11) Chem Yeam Border control (Hopefully my SG registered car can clear the customs)
    12) Bangkok

    10, 11 & 12 In 1 Day.

    I`m not sure if I am pushing it, but personally I can drive for extended period of time for up to 14 hrs, and my wife can take over from there when its in the day time as she is more comfortable driving in the day time.

    Hopefully some experienced forumer can be of help to clear my questions.
    1) In Laos, does the petrol station open for 24 hours?
    2) Anyone saw any thread on the forum indicating which petrol station sells 95 Fuel in Cambodia and Laos?
    3) The 3 boarder crossing, Chiang Khong and Chem Yeam indicated, can anyone confirm that it is accessible using a Singapore registered car plate, (Yes I'm the owner of the car)
    4) Vehicle safety in terms of having the vehicle broken into or stolen in Laos and Cambodia while parked at the accommodation.
    5) Anyone have any air conditioned accommodation in Luang Namtha, Luang Prabang, Siem Reap, Pakse and Bokor Mountain.
    6) If all else fail, is it possible or illegal to camp off the main road or somewhere scenic in Cambodia or Laos?
    7) Any issues if we are to carry 2 extra fuel tank (25liter each) along in our car to cross the border of Laos and Cambodia?
    8) I'll be sticking to the main roads, and no extreme off road stunt, but is the roads indicated in Google map and the Gt-Rider maps, gonna lead us over tracks/bridges which is ment for motorbikes?
    9) Anyone got any local contact if things were to go pear shape for my car? towing services or what not?
    10) If it were to rain hardcore in laos or Cambodia, does the roads flood very badly in July?

    This forum has been inspirational to my bucket list, keep up the good works guys.
  2. Yes you pushing it.

    I noticed this trend among Malaysian and Singaporean riders; just wanting to visit so many places in single day without actually seeing anything. Don't you want to stop and explore the POI further and learn thing or two about it's history, people and other interesting stuff?

    I do understand it is far away for you guys coming from down south of the border, takes many days to get up to North of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
    But, have you ever thought of actually visiting just one or two places and thoroughly enjoying it? Are you really interested in seeing these places or is it just for the sake of making claim you were there?

    Sometimes appears as competition among you guys: "yeah I was in Luang Prabang, you weren't - check the pic on my facebook". Yes, you were there physically but as I said, you never saw a thing.
  3. Hi buddy, being not entirely sure of what to expect, except the spectacular views I am longing to see, I have a few POI which is not listed inside here for Laos and Cambodia, and have also set aside 3-5 days for any location that might be too good to miss, by just simply touch and go.

    I definitely agree with you on taking it slow when arriving there to smell the flowers, I can't speak for the rest, but my wife and I is pretty spontaneous, and will adjust the plans accordingly, and definitely not in for the "Glory or Bragging Rights" we are there to open our eyes to see the rest of the world by over landing. Last time when we talk about Thailand, we only can think of MBK and Chatuchat, but after trying out the MHS loop, exploring the Karen tribe folks, Exploring Doi Inthanon, and accidently crossed into Myammar while exploring the sakura flowers and pine forest in Pang Ung and luckily there is soldiers to inform us we are in Myammar already, lol, but that is a lesson learnt to keep the border line in check while using the GPS.

    For now I am trying to make this trip as safe and "Planned" as possible for my wife, keeping the dramas to a minimum. I am mostly concerned on the border crossing.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the friendly advise, and will be mindful to manage the pace when we get there, as the journey is long, and the main concern is not how fast we can drive, but how we make it up and back home without any dramas and in one piece, with lotsa memories burned into our mind. Damn, I still miss the smell of pine tree in Pang Ung.

    Arrrrgh 5 more months to go.
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    Looks like a non stop drive - an optimistic program.
    July is rainy season so your travel times will be slower than in the dry.

    I'd say it is better to drop off Cambodia or do southern Laos & Cambodia & skip the North.
    Concentrate on one sector & do it properly.

    Your knowledge of Laos seems a bit poor if you are planning this
    4) Luang Prabang
    5) Plains of Jar
    6) Pakse
    4,5 & 6 in 1 Day, not sure if it is feasible.
    You need a GT Rider Laos guide map
    Laos Guide Map

    Pakse is in the deep south of the country
    Luang Prabang & Phonsavan (the plain of Jars) are in the north.
    Vientiane is in between.
    Luang Prabang - Phonsavan is a demanding 5 hr+ drive.
    Phonsavan - Vieniane is at least 9 hours driving.
    Vientiane - Pakxe is 600 kms = 7 hrs plus.

    You should give yourself 2 or 3 nights in Luang Prabang - it is a world heritage city.

    Sorry, but why go there if you are just going to drive through?

    Revisiting Henri Mouhot’s shrine, near Luang Prabang

    GTR 2013 Mekong Boat Trip Houei Xai - Luang Prabang a bit more.

    Nong Khiew is worth a night

    The Plain of Jars has several sites. Take you time & spend 2 nights there.

    Phu Keng Jar Quarry site, also known as Keng Mountain. Phonsavan Jars with steps.

    Chiang Mai - Muang Sing - Phonsavan - Vientiane - Chiang Mai.

    Chiang Mai – Xam Nua Return

    Phonsavan City- Xieng Khouang

    Muang Khoun - Xieng Khouang - The Ancient Royal Capital

    An Easy Road to Laos - 3 Plain of Jars

    Vang Vieng Vieng is worth a night

    Vientiane is worth 2 nights

    The deep south is worth several nights

    Champasak - Vat Phu

    Don Khong

    Bolaven Plateau

    Khone Phapheng Falls

    Southern Laos 10 days with the GF – “Madam Champa.”

    Chiang Mai – Attapeu Via Siphandon (Mekong 4000 Islands) Return

    Check out these GTR links for info
    Trip Planning - Laos

    Chiang Mai - Muang Sing - Phonsavan - Vientiane - Chiang Mai.

    Solo From The North To The South Of Laos

    North Laos Brief Road Summary

    A Mekong Promenade, Part 3 – Vientiane to Luang Prabang

    Houei Xai - Luang Namtha - Luang Prabang


    If you want to share your last trip & some info of how it was would be appreciated.

    Accommodation - Laos

    Restaurants - Laos
  5. Hi David, thanks for providing the nice pictures of the natural sceneries, I'll bring it up with my partner and see if we want tot adjust the trip destination.

    I have purchased the set of 4 maps from you guys, and is checking from my receptionist daily to see if they have arrived already, can't wait to see what's in store inside.

    Might do a trip report next time, as need to go find my computer for the pictures we have taken, when I did a drive up to BKK using the S2000, and MHS on my current ride.

    Now more pressing is to get those questions answered, believe it or not, I've read all the info needed the last few months. They are all very wonderful write up and also thanks for SGBikerboy also for his advise, going up on his adventure on his Bajaj. it was a very well written esp while waiting to see what happened next when his engine gave up on him, not forgetting his rear brake troubles, but these little problem is the one you remember for a long time to come. (Thank you derrick for the tips too)

    Now I need to get my radiator leak sorted out and engine crank seal replaced before a shake down in Malaysia oil palm plantation roads to iron out the niggles, fully loaded.

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