The Weekly "talad Nut"

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    Most amphurs / districts in North Thailand (if not Thailand) have a weekly "Talad Nut" where there is an open market set up for the district.
    Many of the traders come from out of town & / or professional "Talad Nut" vendors who travel on a Talad Nut circuit in a province, going from one town to another for the talad nut.
    In the bigger towns these perhaps are not so important, but in the quieter & more remote towns they are a big event & people come from everywhere to do their shopping for products that perhaps are not always available; and these often attract a lot of ethnic/ hill tribe people, or if on the border people from neighbouring countries - Laos or Myanmar.

    There's a fantastic one at Ban Cham Bong on the Mekong, downstream from Chiang Khong on Wednesdays.
    Mentioned here
    On the road with Destination Thailand TV part 8
    hundreds of people come from Laos by boat from villages far away inside Laos.




    Chiang Khong city also has one on Saturdays? just past the town police station & lots of Hmong people come from inside & outside Thailand.

    Sop Pong / Pang Mapha on the Mae Hong Son Loop has one on Tuesday? & lots of Lisu & Lahu people come.


    I was in Thoed Thai looking forward to my favourite early morning market,
    This market has featured on GTR here
    Chiang Mai - Thoed Thai Return
    and here
    2011 Sunflower Hill Tribe Festival. Hua Mae Kham.
    and here

    & I reckon it is the best traditional early morning market you can see in North Thailand.
    but it was quiet & as fate would have it - Monday is Talad Nut day in Thoed Thai.
    So off to the find the market & check out the local early morning risers.




    Most of the people are Akha & Shan & it's a fabulous mix








    It gets cold in the morning in the mountains



    The GF aka, Madam Champa, loves chatting with the locals too.




    Akhas heading home from the market.

    Location of the Thoed Thai Talad Nut
    It's on the soi to the Mah Fah Luang hospital.
    Less than 1kms from the regular early morning market
    GPS Waypoint: N20 14.813 E99 39.369

    Check it out if you're ever in TT on a Monday.
    Loads of fun, but nippy in the morning.

    As stated earlier there are loads of Talad Nuts around the North.
    The more remote ones would be the best.
    I reckon Mae Sam Laep must have one.
    Huak on the border with Laos, ouyt of Chiang Kham, has one on a Thursday I think.
    Huay Phueng out of Mae Hong Son & on the border ith Myanmar & Shan state has one a week too I believe.
    Piang Luang & Arunothai also on the Myanmar Borders, out of Chiang Khong must have good ones too.
    Tha Ton probably has a good one with Shan people coming down the Kok from Myanmar too.
    Chiang Saen on the Mekong also has an interesting one with lots of people from Laos.

    If anyone else has some Talad Nut tips & pics, please share them.
  2. All so colourful............ wonderful photos....
  3. Same but different:
    The big-box stores in Nong Khai are inundated by Lao shoppers on week-ends.
  4. I don't know if it is on any special day in Chiang Saen. Seems every morning the pavments are full of people selling local foodstuffs on the pavement outside 7-11. But I do see more tents at weekends when people sleep there to sell their wares the next morning.
  5. GREAT post mate. These markets can be so rewarding, such a culturally enriching experience. I remember well enjoying early mornings at the Thoed Thai market with you. I trust this will encourage others to seek just a little bit further....there's so much to be found.
  6. Yeah that Poi Sang Long event we witnessed there is still one of the highlights of my 30+ years here.

    More people should go to Thoed Thai to experience the real exotic Thailand.

    North Thailand Top Ten Roads

    Thoed Thai is my favourite out of the way traditional "back water" town in North Thailand.
    The ex home of Khun Sa the infamous opium warlord / Shan freedom fighter.
    Featured on GTR here
    Prince of Death Road Trip-Khun Sa Memorial

    Also on Destination Thailand TV with GTR
    A fun time on the road for Destination Thailand

    The best greatest Poi Sang Kong festival Ive ever had the pleasure of participating in
    Poi Sang Long - 2011

    Plus Shan New Year
    Shan New Year 2011 Thoed Thai

    Thoed Thai might be out of the way bit it should be one of the highlights of a night in the Golden Triangle for anyone.
    A fabulous "wild west" town full of charm for the adventurous.

    It's also the place where I go for Shan spiritual cleansing - getting rid of life's bad luck & bringing in the new luck
    Thai New Year a Shan Blessing - Spirit Cleansing

    Wanna check it out Thoed Thai...
    Where to stay in Thoed Thai
    Thoed Thai Accomodation

    Where to eat in Thoed Thai
    Thoed Thai Restaurants

  7. Arunothai has one on Fridays.
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    The Ban Chambong talad nut, 23 kms downstream from Chiang Khong still rocks on Wednesday

    GTR - IMG_4375.

    There are scores of boats bringing people from Laos

    GTR - IMG_4380.

    The boatmen patiently wait in their boats for the shoppers to return

    GTR - IMG_4401.

    GTR - IMG_4388.
    Supplies waiting for transport back to Laos, & when you look at the fresh produce going back to Laos you have to think that they have to lift their game in Laos?

    GTR - IMG_4396.
    It has rained over night & the river banks are slippery manouvering on.

    Fish for sale in the market, & their were bags of them being sold to go to Laos! GTR - IMG_4425.

    GTR - IMG_4427.
    a happy vendor, making money.

    The current grounds set up in the Ban Chambong school while they are re-concreting the site by the river.
    GTR - IMG_4428.

    GTR - IMG_4446.

    The sausage stall
    GTR - IMG_4433.

    Lao vendors
    GTR - IMG_4440.

    GTR - IMG_4442.

    GTR - IMG_4436 -1.

    The Ban Chambong talad nut is a beauty & well worth making the point of staying in Chiang Khong on a Tuesday night to see the market early Wednesday morning.

    The market is on the GTR Golden Triangle guide map

    Golden Triangle Map
  9. 'Laos needs to up it's game' indeed ! ... I was recently talking to a Laos person about the cost of living over there. The price of Pork, Chicken and I suspect Fish is almost double compared to Thailand. I guess that's the reason the Ban Cham pong and CK Talad nut is so popular with Laos citizen's and why the authorities allow it. Further down the River at Huey Luk you can see lots of trade going on, building supplies, Roof Tiles all going down onto the floating pontoons and across the river. It's also the only place I know that the Laos Speedboats dock in Thailand. They come over for Gas to fuel the Engines before the journey down to Pak Beng. I suspect Gas is also double the price in Laos.

    You can sit on one of the Pontoons in the shade and have a knoodle soup and watch the Speedboats coming and going. Certainly great for people watching.

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