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    Some long time members may have good memories of Uncle Jack's in Fang.


    Fang Restaurants

    Uncle Jack was a character & had a lovely wife Lady Jane.

    They were an incredible loving couple.


    In 2011 we had a GTR dinner in Fang to help celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Uncle Jacks Restaurant.

    Doi Ang Khang – Fang – Uncle Jacks 2nd Anniversary 2011


    Uncle Jack's has featured here on GTR
    The Doi Ang Khang Loop

    1322 - To Lak Taeng and Back

    A few weeks ago I got a message from Lady Jane to check out her new restaurant in Mae Cho. She was living there with her daughter a nurse.
    Oh that's a bit odd I thought, where's Uncle Jack then? You can't have split from him could you?
    Busy at at the time, I neglected to pop over & check out the new restaurant.
    I got another message yesterday, so finally located the place behind Mae Cho uni.

    I parked my bike outside the big sign for the restaurant & was immediately welcomed by a sweet buxom waitress.

    The PG I thought. Wow.
    Uncle Jacks must have changed the format.... I responded perfectly to the welcome & straight away ordered the PG a Leo.
    Then as I walked into the restaurant I realized I was going into the bar beer next door, not the restaurant. 55.

    Oh well, back track & walk to the establishment the other side of the bike. I obviously got off on the wrong side you could say.

    The new Mae Cho Uncle Jacks.
    GTR - IMG_9887.JPG

    GTR - IMG_9889.JPG

    for old fans of Uncle Jack's the menu is still the same.
    Cheap, good value for money. The "same old" scrumptious pork, beef, chicken, fish steaks with salad.


    The GTR dish for the night

    Lady Jane

    Over the course of a few bevvies the story unfolded about Uncle Jack.

    uncle Jack once used to be the palad / sheriff in Fang, many years ago.
    But apparently was alledged to have committed some misdemeanor & they have been fighting the court case for 16 years.
    A lawyer ripped off their money & they ended up trying to defend Uncle Jack by themselves; but eventually they lost the case, of course.

    Our lovable Uncle Jack at 63 years has just be sentenced to 30 years. He is in the prison at Mae Taeng.
    Lady Jane moved to Mae Cho to be near the prison & Uncle Jack.
    She gets to visit him twice a week for 15 minutes. To do this she gets up at 5am to be at the prison at 6AM then in the queue for visiting, at around 9am then she gets 15 minutes with Uncle Jack.

    As proof of her devotion & continued love for Uncle Jack, the restaurant is named Waitin For You, GTR - IMG_9886.JPG

    which is what she intends to do for Uncle Jack...Waitin For You

    Lady Jane is struggling a bit & welcomes any old Uncle Jacks customers to her new place.

    Kinakailangan ang Pagtiyak sa Seguridad

    When you park under the sign, make sure you get off on the "Right side" & walk into the restaurant.
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  3. Goran Phuket

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    Interesting story. Will drop by next time around.
  4. GTR-Admin

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    There is no real justice in the world... Uncle Jack is one of the most decent men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Being hit with such a sentence at his age is harsh indeed - that's pretty much a life sentence...
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  5. David Learmonth

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    I've not been to Fang for quite a while but this is sad news. Yet another person ripped off by a lawyer. Agree with Ben - this is a life sentence.
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  6. Ian Bungy

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    Terrible Story, But what a Devoted Wife. Good for Her but So Sad!
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  7. Dodraugen

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    Was this the place in Fang that only served steaks and showed really oldies-goldies 60-70s pop-rock hits on a screen? I think I have been there once...cool place indeed with a lot of charm and character.

    Sorry to hear about the faith of this man. Will try to visit his wifes restaurant when in CM again.
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  8. DavidFL

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    Yes that could only be Uncle Jacks.
    You can help by cheering Lady Lane on Facebook
    Waitin For You.
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